SRP Permeable Air & Water Barrier Membranes for Residential & Commercial Rainscreen Systems & Roof Underlayment

As protecting the building envelope from water intrusion and internal humidity build-up is of prime importance, SRP AirOutshield's Super-Permeable air barrier, rainscreen systems are perfect for use as a secondary drainage plane, sheathing membrane, weather resistive barrier (WRB) or air barrier behind rainscreen wall cladding systems including siding (vinyl, wood, fibre cement, metal, brick) and shingles (metal, copper, zinc, cedar). The SRP AirOutshield ROOF breathable underlayment for sloped roofs is designed for use as a secondary drainage plane under roofing systems including metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar, clay tile and other systems that require an underlayment.

Think You Know Building Wrap? - Think Again...

SRP AirOutshield's multi-layer high-resistance products feature superior water hold out rates to withstand the diverse Canadian weather conditions with exceptional permeability - so that moisture within the building structure generated during construction & occupation will easily dissipate because of AirOutshield's proven performance - up to EIGHT times higher permeability than competitor membranes!

SRP AirOutshieldTM ROOF in Banff, AB

Project Summary

Project: Banff Mineral Springs Hospital Tile Roof Replacement

Location: Banff, AB  

Partners: Entuitive Civil Engineering


David Leonard of Entuitive Civil Engineering was in charge of this 10 Month project to replace the Tile Roof on the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital. David recommended the use of SRP AirOutshieldTM Roof’s Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs for this project as he’s found this product to be exceptionally durable, providing excellent vapour permeance which he’s found to have superior performance over any other competing product.

Their biggest challenge was executing the work required during the exceptionally cold winter months of this beautiful mountain location in Alberta Canada. Thankfully, SRP AirOutshieldTM Roof is easily installed and slip resistant which made for a quick and efficient installation.

Find out more about SRP AirOutshieldTM ROOF here.

SRP AirOutshield Roof is used to replace the existing roof at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital  SRP AirOutshield Roof being installed at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in AB  Strapping being installed on top of SRP AirOutshield Roof under the clay tile at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in AB  The Banff Mineral Springs Hospital has a new roof with the help of SRP AirOutshield Roof Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs  The Banff Mineral Springs Hospital has a new roof with the help of SRP AirOutshield Roof Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs  Click on the images to enlarge.