Cable Systems for Green Wall Vertical Plantscapes

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FAÇADESCAPE® Green Wall Systems by DecorCable

FAÇADESCAPE™ Green Wall Systems combine the best in stainless cable technology with the environmental benefits of greening. The benefits of vertical plantscapes can now be applied to any structure or site, from micro-gardens to stadiums.
  • FaçadeScape™ encourages healthy strong growth for all climbing plants in all hardiness zones. It is especially good for hot climates since the thin cables do not absorb radiant heat. Controlling and trimming plants is simple and the system can be partially removed, as needed, for building maintenance or seasonal changes.
  • FaçadeScape™ systems are designed for installation on any surface, including EFIS and are robust enough for long spans.
  • Their light, scalable structures are designed to support the most vigorous vines.
  • Components and ropes are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel for durability, beauty, and strength. The system is highly corrosion resistant and requires little or no maintenance. It possesses an extremely long use cycle and is 100% recyclable.
  • Special anchoring and support systems provide a limitless ability to design any shape or pattern you desire. A wide choice of spacers, clamps, and supports helps you optimize your design for environmental, building, and aesthetic requirements. - Engineered to be easily specified and installed, our systems are designed to get your ideas growing in no time.
  • For larger projects, specialized engineering, design assistance and support are available.
  • FaçadeScape™ was created from specially designed elements of our I-SYS® and X-TEND® systems. As a member of the Carl Stahl family of stainless steel products, it has been engineered and manufactured in our ISO 14001 facility to meet sustainability goals and ensure a high quality, long lasting installation. 


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